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As someone who deals with allergies & asthma everyday, I understand how hard it can be just to get ready in the morning. We struggle with fragrances, allergens and environmental triggers. That is why after reviewing each product, we are happy to be able to offer you a site full of goods to make living with allergies & asthma easier.

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Sensitive skin? Wanting to try something new? We have what you need.

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Need a good deodorant? Personal products made without chemicals?

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Looking to try a new way of eating? Keto, to paleo and everything in between. 

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Allergy friendly toys, sensitive pull ups and dust mite proof kid bedding.

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Diaper designed for sensitive skin, toys made to be washed and more!

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Air filters, rugs, vacuum cleaners and couches designed to be allergy friendly.

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CleanCult Laundry Detergent Pods

In need of a scent and fragrance free laundry detergent that isn't afraid of hard water? These little pods are for you. Plus, the company gives back!

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Slaai™ Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser

Quite possibly the best oil-based cleanser on the market. A real game-changer. A minimal scent, no essential oils, and no added fragrances.

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Cambridge Anti Pollution Mask

Traveling? I use this mask all the time when traveling and it has saved me from asthma attacks and allergies on the plane by service dogs.

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The Story

Dec 1997

The start of it all

Christmas Eve, a severe asthma attack brought on by pets left me in the hospital for fighting for my life.

July 2000

Barely breathing

My asthma was so severe that each time I walked up our flight of stairs I needed to take my inhaler. Nearly everything would trip me off. 

July 2000


Fast forward a few years after my asthma attack, my father and a team of chemist start working on a new way to reduce allergy-induced asthma attacks.

Oct 2010

A new product

My life had significantly improved since using this new product. We realized we had to help others, Allergy Defender was born.

Sept 2014

Lab Tested

Received our lab results from Indoor Biotechnology stating that we reduce up to 93% of pet dander, dust mite and cockroach allergens

Aug 2019


Dealing with allergies and asthma every day isn't easy. We want to bring you products that could help ease that stress. All products are fragrance free.


Did You Know There’s a Fragrance Free Movement?
Did You Know There’s a Fragrance Free Movement?

By Sue Elliott on Oct 13, 2019

700 people falling ill at Camp Hill Medical Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia gave birth to the fragrance free movement. The year was 1990. Some kind of chemical contamination was the cause. After the air clear...

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What’s the big deal with indoor VOC’s?
What’s the big deal with indoor VOC’s?

By Hello Allergies on Apr 03, 2019

We all like certain scents, from our air fresheners to a renovated room with that new carpet smell. But that new smell could be causing your health issues! Lately, I’ve had several customers tell me, “I just got a new carpet and I’m having the worst headaches.” It’s nothing surprising. I’ve faced this issue myself.

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Why Fido is my new best friend…
Why Fido is my new best friend…

By Hello Allergies on Apr 02, 2019

When I was younger I was mildly obsessed with dogs, I knew everything about them. I even looked up all kinds of breeds in The Dog Bible.

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