About Us

The story of our company began one Christmas Eve when our co-founder Savanna was 5 years old.

Savanna was as excited as any 5 year old would be to see her family, and to open presents on Christmas. This was going to be a normal evening, another Christmas eve marveling at the tree, shaking boxes, and singing carols. Christmas Eve went off without a hitch, and everyone went to bed excited about the next day. Unfortunately, the family poodles, the Christmas tree, and the swarm of family and guests all resulted in a hurricane of allergens that caught up to Savanna at 3 am. Those with asthma know how quickly and unexpectedly an attack can happen, an unfortunate lesson Savanna learned in the early hours of Christmas as her first asthma attack began. She was taken to the hospital, unsure if she would survive -doctors also had their doubts about her chances- but she pulled through. Worried about the future of Savanna’s condition, Savanna’s father Chris, along with a dedicated team of chemists with expert knowledge in mineral-based products, developed an allergen neutralizing spray so that Savanna and the 25 million people in the US -about 8% of the population- who suffer from asthma, could live a normal life. After more than a decade of research and testing later, we are offering you the same product that made Savanna’s childhood a lot less stressful, and a lot more fun.