Exercise induced asthma

Exercise induced asthma

I recently signed up for a group fitness class that meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I normally workout alone but I figured I would try something new.

But like usual, 5 minutes in I am struggling to breathe. I have exercised induced asthma. I realized something (you think I would of come to this conclusion before I signed up, but no) I don’t like working out in groups. I always feel like I am slowing everyone down because of my asthma. While I am still learning how to pace myself in group exercise, I have learned how to better control my asthma when I workout alone.

Here are some of the steps I take to reduce exercise-induced asthma:
1. I workout in a clean, indoor environment. I know it sounds strange to only workout indoors but when outside the pollen, smoke and car fumes get to me I have to workout indoors. That doesn’t mean working out indoors is great either, but sometimes its better than nothing.

2. I avoid sugar and wheat. Now that is not for everyone but for me personally, I feel better when I avoid sugar and wheat. Plus, I have noticed I need my inhaler less if I eat clean.  I do indulge on my birthday and holidays though.

3. I don’t exercise when it’s cold. I can’t do it, I immediately get an asthma attack if I workout when it’s cold. And by cold, I mean anything below 60 is cold for my lungs. I would suggest you get to know your temperature limit and definitely be careful when working out in the cold. 

While working out with asthma is hard, it is also incredibly important.

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