Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan

Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan

Keto’s the buzzword right now so when I received Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan, I was interested. This book is heartwarming. Shows before and after photos of Suzanne and her journey to weight loss in one year. She has a blog called Keto Karma and also has a YouTube channel. What an inspiration!


Lost 120 lbs

Her book includes letters from the keto community that followed her weight loss and lost weight themselves. She knows having a support system when you have low self-esteem because you are struggling to lose weight is vital. From the letters I read, it shows she is a caring individual who wants others to benefit from weight loss.


Keto in a nutshell

Suzanne explains, “The ketogenic diet (or “keto” for short) is a high fat, low carbohydrate, moderate-protein way of eating.”  The book gives detailed instruction on anything keto related so all the information needed to get started is here.

You’ve heard of ketoacidosis? My husband always cautioned me about the keto diet thinking it was ketoacidosis or diabetic ketoacidosis. Suzanne explains how to two vastly differ.


The book also consists of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus dessert! There are ideas to add more flavor (think dressings and sauces), foods to avoid (for example: soda, mixed drinks and beers) and a good amount of recipes for dessert (did I mention that already?), foods to snack on from convenience stores, a 30-day meal plan and lots more.


Inside a few of its pages:

  1. How to start the keto diet in three easy steps
  2. Tracking your macro-nutrients (fat, carbs and proteins)
  3. Keto health topics: combating keto flu, or working out on keto
  4. Dealing with weight stalls
  5. The role of sugar and the addicting sugar cycle
  6. Healthy fats vs. unhealthy fats
  7. Total carbs and net carbs



What I like about the book

  • Appreciate the grocery list and where she shops since I also shop at some of these stores.
  • She does use sugar substitutes and I can understand why. If you’ve eliminated sugar and still want to feel like you are living normally or your friends are doing sugar, do you know how hard it is to find something sweet without sugar? Since keto is a high fat diet with low carbs a fruit dessert with heavy cream would be ideal! Strawberries and cream? Yes! Marscapone with blackberries crepes (made with almond and coconut flour, of course) bring it on!
  • Gives a list of foods to avoid including most fruits, some veggies (who knew onions were higher in carbs?) and all grains
  • A pie chart of what your macro nutrrients should look like. 70% should come from fat for example


How are the recipes?

An adult in our household cooks for his family and when he found out we were making something from Simply Keto, he was up for the challenge. After all, he said, he was in a domestic phase of his life and he’d try it. For dinner he made Biscuits and Gravy, which in the book was breakfast food. It was wonderful! Will we make it again? Absolutely!


Eating without a recipe from the book

Here are some examples of how we ate keto in an 18-hour period. My hubby was hungry after swimming at the oldest swimming pool in Texas. We stopped at a local restaurant. He ordered an egg taco plate that came with bacon, cheese and avocado. After telling the waitress to hold the corn tortilla, everything else was keto. He wasn’t hungry afterward and what’s more it was mighty tasty.


For lunch I made chicken salad with garlic aioli (mayo), bacon, a wee bit of red onion and some pistachios. I “lifted” the combination of ingredients from a breakfast and lunch place called Walton’s Fancy and Staples a restaurant in Austin, TX. Keto? Yep.


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